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Illustration for Berlin students

Our school experience includes teaching art using traditional tools, design inspiration, watercolor techniques and costumes for films and books. We provide all the materials for each student, and classes include many creative challenges, such as designing costumes for Harry Potter characters, designing clothes for Disney princesses and princes, designing evening clothes for a red carpet – Moment, one-piece costumes Alice in Wonderland and more. With each illustration, students develop their imaginations and, at the end of the entire class, they can present all works of art and share the concept behind them

Cultural Education

We believe that talent management should start in childhood. That is why we feel compelled to support the artists and cultural workers of tomorrow today. But to make cultural education possible, qualified personnel are needed.

That is why we combine appropriate artistic and cultural personnel with appropriate educational projects and institutions. With seminars and workshops, we want to strengthen art and culture and encourage you to continue allowing children and young people to participate in culture.

“The real purpose of art is not to create beautiful objects. Instead, it is a method of understanding. A way to penetrate the world and find your own place. "

Paul Auster

Ana Paula Henriques da Silva

Ana Paula Henriques da Silva MSc. studied art for teaching at the University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Based on this, she completed her master’s degree in administration at the Krems University in Austria, with a focus on facilities for children and young people. This was followed by creative projects in countries like India and Thailand, especially in the field of cultural education. One of its objectives is to motivate companies in the culture and media sector to invest in cultural and digital education for children. The fact is that creative projects in schools and social institutions can be a sustainable solution to avoid the lack of creative and digitally committed specialists.