Recruitment is a creative process for us. We know that creative companies need qualified applicants in order to grow. To attract these creative experts nowadays, you need more than digitalized processes and algorithms. You need a lot of creativity and art.

We have taken the steps to get to the next level of recruitment. With additional HR marketing services we want to offer companies from the creative industries “new ways” to attract more applicants. For this purpose, the creative team of We Connect Arts supports you and thus offers companies the opportunity to speak the language of the artists. This is done, for example, through illustrated job advertisements and the production of modern recruiting videos, developed by professional and trained designers and producers.

What is social media recruiting?

Social media recruiting defines various measures in personnel marketing. It basically describes the search for candidates via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others. Companies use the power of these platforms to target future employees.

Nowadays, there are many channels and networks in which your target group is on the move. Creative jobs are becoming more and more complex and the media landscape offers endless possibilities to acquire applicants. The question is which of your target groups uses which channel. How do you reach your target group most effectively? How do you use the right channels to address your target group?

Our service is specialized in approaching candidates via social media and consists of developing a suitable recruitment strategy for you in social media.

We optimize the recruitment of your company. With our competent team of experts, designers and film producers, we present your company as an active employer on all channels your target group uses.

Part of our recruitment strategy is our We Design service, which includes the creation of exclusive and creative job advertisements specifically designed for you, and the We Post service, which includes the placement of job advertisements on various channels and social media platforms.
In addition, we offer professional recruitment videos.

Advantages of social media recruiting

1- Here we can reach your target group in their free time. This is where you can contact candidates who are not actively looking for a new job and therefore do not read classic job offers on job portals.

2- Based on the data that social networks provide about their users, you can pre-select suitable candidates and target them.

3- Especially with a young target group, you can build an image as an attractive employer in a short amount of time.

4- If you publish content that many users like and share, you can quickly achieve a very high coverage (“viral effects”).

Job advertisement management

Illustrated social media content

With our creative job advertisement we reach your potential applicants. The aim is to attract the attention of potential candidates with a creative and tailor-made illustration. This illustration is then linked to your written job advertisement.

The good thing about it is: Potential candidates will notice the illustration and can click on it in order to obtain more information about the position. Candidates then have the opportunity to apply directly for the job. This job advertisement is designed for social media platforms, job portals and career sites.

Our procedure

We check and edit your job advertisements and create a design advertisement; illustrated or with your recruitment video.

We create an individual ad that is only shown to people on social media channels like Facebook who are relevant to your job ad and then place your campaign on Facebook!