Video Marketing

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Video Marketing

The following objectives of an imaging film can be derived from this:

  • Improvement of the image.
  • Increasing awareness

Indeed, an imaging film can be produced in different ways.

In order to achieve your individual goal, it is extremely important that you choose the right and appropriate video format and have it produced so that everyone involved in the project, whether internal or external, knows exactly what you are working towards.

Here we provide a video format:

  • Realfilm Animation Film
  • Realfilm

A live-action film means that your corporate video is shot with real people in real settings. The real scenes ensure that the viewer can identify particularly well with the material shown.
To create an “image film” for your company or brand, we work in the following steps: concept, story, making and visual appearance.
Do you want to sell a product? We produce a product video for you!
Do you want to attract candidates? We produce an employer brand or recruiting video for you.

Animation film

Animation involves inserting moving figures or illustrations into a film. With the help of special programs or 3D animation software, video elements are animated by motion designers. In this way, a plot gradually emerges from the illustrated storyboard. Animated videos (also called animated film) can be created in 2D as well as in 3D style.

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